About Us

 The Stonoga Foundation is a Polish charitable organisation operating since 2010. We exist to help the most deprived – families in a difficult financial situation, the elderly and, above all, children who face disability and illness on a daily basis.
We raise funds to make living with the disease easier. We finance rehabilitation, we buy medicines and the necessary orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment, we cover the costs of treatment and support the Charges with our memory, a good word, we bring hope and faith in a better tomorrow.
The team of our foundation is made up of people with commitment and passion to help. All members of the Management Board perform their functions on a voluntary basis; they do not receive any pay for their activities.

What we do

We finance:
- rehabilitation and rehabilitation stays
- costs of treatment, minor surgeries, operations
We buy:
- medicines, medical supplies, medical and rehabilitation equipment
- food
What else:
- we help families in a difficult financial situation
- we collect screw caps and conduct an ecological campaign
- we help people in Africa

Who we help

Why Stonoga?

The Foundation’s idea was to help people with various problems. Our concept is not to focus on one specific group of patients or a specific area – our support should reach those who need it.
STONOGA (centipede) seemed to be an ideal name – a small creature with several pairs of legs. At the Foundation, they symbolise multilateralism, multi-directionality and help at various levels.

How can you help?

Make a donation – by helping us financially, you not only support our charitable activities, but you have real impact on the lives of our clients by sharing some of your money.

Donation from Poland:

PKO BP 74 1020 2528 0000 0702 0277 3166
Fundacja Stonoga
ul.Pszczyńska 25, 43-190 Mikołów

Donation from abroad:

IBAN: PL 74 1020 2528 0000 0702 0277 3166

Donation on-line dotpay, PayPal: Click here


Stonoga Foundation

25 Pszczyńska Street

43-190 Mikołów

Phone: +48 32 738 24 26